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I am the father of two children, I am very excited and interested in the insurance business, this is what is my goal to make this blog as a medium for my information about the development of the insurance, and I am a man who has a lot of shortcomings.

 Hendrawan my name, I was born in the province of Lampung - Indonesia in 1978, I was very interested in the insurance business, all the data collected inisaya blog posts from various reputable news sites, like Blomberg, Reuter and others.

My goal created this blog as a media repository of information on the development of insurance business in the world that I need, the data and information I gathered in the blog hopefully be useful to others. in writing of the information on this blog I do not mean to discredit a company asuansi, or orders from others.

if there are objections to the content of articles that I've made, please submit an objection to the comments on the article in question or may contact me via email or by phone.

in the writing of this article I did with the voluntary and no coercion of others, if I write the information is useful for you, I am very happy and grateful if you give donations in lieu of a cigarette and a cup of coffee, with my Liberty Reserve Donation Button below this

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And if you are one of the owners or management of the insurance company, which wants to develop the insurance business in the country of Indonesia, I will gladly assist your insurance company

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Phone +62 8127952 0001

Thank you for your comments and suggestions, hopefully this blog will be more developed because of your help.

Disclaimer : The information on this website does not constitute recommendations to buy or sell any goods or investment assets, Investing can be risky, please note that it is your own evaluation of the risks and potentials that you base your investment decision on.

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